Immersive and Awe-inspiring

Virtual Reality Development
and Experiential Communication

We build virtual and augmented reality content that adds real value to your business, helping you communicate with your audience through unforgettable experiences while also modernizing workforce training and onboarding. From conception to production logistics to technical execution, we are experts in delivering virtual awe and wonder.

+6 Years Developing Unforgettable Digital Experiences

More than an immersive content agency, a technological partner

Orbisnauta is a multi-industry immersive tech-agency with proficiency in the creation of state-of-the-art virtual experiences. Our vision consists of pushing the boundaries of spatial computing while being laser focused on providing real and quantifiable value to your brand.

We live to solve the most ambitious technological challenges through the thoughtful and optimized implementation of XR (extended reality) solutions without unnecessary investments.

Sectors-specific Benefits of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

From strategy and concept design to development and implementation. Stay ahead of the curve transforming your business with the latest XR solutions.

Enterprise Exhibitions, Events and Advertising

  • Experiential communication over photos and videos.
  • Process gamification and memorable VR experiences.
  • Transport your audience virtually anywhere.
  • AR marketing campaigns for product promotion.
  • Discover and track user interest and attention.

Training and Education

  • Engaged employees and improved new hire onboarding.
  • Accelerated proficiency and reduced training time.
  • Improved hiring, training and upskilling.
  • Simulating dangerous scenarios & emergency procedures.
  • Front-line employee training and better customer experience.

Tourism and Museums

  • Immersive and interactive exhibitions.
  • Museum or location digital twin.
  • Bring cultural heritage closer to new generations.
  • 360º photos of landmarks to blow up social networks.
  • Enriching on site spatial attractions.

Engineering and Research

  • Fully configurable 3D modelling.
  • Safety training.
  • Fast prototyping and improvement testing.
  • Virtual spatial awareness of your product.
  • Analyze user behavior in simulated environments.


  • Surgery assistance and training.
  • VR for anxiety and phobia treatments.
  • Speeding up physical therapy.
  • Augmented diagnosis.
  • VR for long term hospitalized patients.

Real Estate and Architecture

  • Virtual visualization of buildings and interiors.
  • Experience, customize and sell before building.
  • Present spaces still under renovation.
  • Augmented building repairing and maintenance.
  • 360º photos for improving sales.

Stack and XR Technologies We Work With

VR Headsets

We work creating immersive content for the newest and best tethered and standalone VR headsets in the market.

Web / PC

Enjoy our content through the screen of your PC. Even though it won’t be immersive as experiencing it through the VR headsets, it’s still accessible to a broader audience and requires a smaller investment.

Mobile AR

Outstanding location-based augmented reality application development for current AR hardware. Market and advertise your product by making it stand out in 3D, allowing your customers to interact with it.

MR Headsets

We merge real and virtual worlds through mixed reality development for headsets such as HoloLens 2.



Unity / C#
Unreal / Blueprints
Oculus SDK
A-Frame / Babylon.js / Three.js
WebXR / Open XR
ARCore / Vuforia
Adobe Creative Suite
Svelte / HTML / Javascript / CSS
Varjo VR-3
Meta Quest 2 / Pico Neo 3
Insta360 Pro 2
Phones / Tablet / TouchScreens
HTC Vive Pro 2 / Focus
Looking Glass Holograms
Immersive Rooms / Domes
Oculus Go
GoPro Max

Fully Turnkey VR and AR Solutions

We start by assessing your needs and objectives. We seek to understand your vision and your brand in order to implement an XR solution that truly adds value to your company. We distinct ourselves with flexibility, that is why we adjust our working processes so that it best fits your requirements. Stellar ideas require excellence in its implementation. Thus, we use agile development to improve continually in order to iteratively reach the optimal solution.

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